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How to Detect Domestic Violence

Women who fear their loved ones, that kind of act is certainly a questionable way of regarding a person; unless, there is abuse and domestic violence committed by their partners in their relationship. Domestic violence is an intimidating problem occurring in unfortunate homes that is being overlooked or denied by the very persons who are victims of this form of abuse. Domestic violence is in its worst level when there is combination of physical and psychological abuse.

Generally, the main purpose of an offender of domestic violence is to gain and maintain control over a person and he does that by using fear, guilt, shame and intimidation in a menacing cycle, over and over again, until the victim is worn down and succumbs to the abuse. It usually starts with threats and verbal abuse and escalates later into physical abuse, the scale of which can be severe, physically, psychologically, emotionally, once domestic violence is tolerated. Overbearing cruelty of domestic violence can make the victim feel depress, anxious, alone, helpless and a lost of self-worth. Another aspect of domestic violence is that it does not discriminate; therefore, it can happen to heterosexual couples, same-sex partners, husband as victim and committed in all range of ages, ethnic backgrounds and economic levels.

A pattern of abuse in your relationship will confirm that you are a victim of domestic violence by these signs: your inner thoughts and feelings are threatened in fear; a constant show of your partner’s belittling behaviour; a demonstration of control over you; an act of violence and threat. Ask yourself if you fear your partner much of the time such that you avoid topics that can arouse his anger or if your feel that sense of helplessness whenever you come in conflict with him, feeling that you can’t make it right until you feel like you deserve his punishment on you – because these are beginning signs of domestic violence. The height of domestic violence is when physical abuse in the form of assault or battery is committed on the victim by the partner-offender. Forced sex, where the victim is forced to participate in an unwanted, unsafe or degrading sex activity is part of domestic violence.

Acknowledging that you are a victim of domestic violence is the first step in freeing yourself from the intimidating bondage of domestic violence. It is important to extend your support to a victim of domestic violence who is not fully aware of it, so that by showing your concern and care, the victim is able to come out in the open so she can be helped. The next best thing to act on is to report to the proper authorities about this crime or get hold of hotline centers that may provide counsel and solutions on how to address this.

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